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    SPG has a 15+ year history of developing and manufacturing products for customers based on feature requirements.
    We'd like to say "If you can think it, we can build it"* but we know that we can't make time machines or personal jet packs.
    But there are a lot of things we can make and we are pretty quick and clever at it.
    Some actual products we have designed and manufactured include:

    • 802.15 network
    • Handheld displays for training systems
    • VOIP systems
    • High bandwidth telecom systems (OC48 to OC3, DS3 to DS1)
    • LAN interfaces to telecom
    • POTS interfaces
    • Innovative DS3/DS1/LAN installation verification "streaker" systems
    • Circuit boards to add features to existing telecom systems
    • Customer specific ASICs
    We have also designed and manufactured products with limited or no NRE.

    Customers have included AT&T, Cisco, smaller companies you won't know, and a few large prickly ones that don't want to be mentioned.

    *Google "If you think it, we can build it" and you'll get about 12,000 hits... and none of them make time machines.

    Special Projects Group PWB Powerpcb Display Orcad Schematic


    Special Projects Group Inc. is a fully integrated product design and manufacturing partnership offering our clients turnkey product solutions. We have designed products for many large corporations

    Special Projects Group Inc offers accelerated product development cycles, stringent cost control, an obsessive quality focus and a broad knowledge of industry certifications. Customers also benefit from Special Projects Group Inc’s portfolio of design skills, intellectual property and project management system.

    The result: successful products delivered to the market on-time and on-budget.

    Client Benefits from teaming with Special Projects Group Inc. for new products:

    • Accelerated development cycles
    • Time to focus on core competencies
    • Utilize Special Projects Group Inc’s state-of-the-art technology and expertise
    • Reduced staffing requirements
    • Minimize inventory costs and production overhead
    • ISO 9001:2000 Registered

    High Density Circuit BoardPCB Circuit Board Production Line


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    OEM Product Development "If you can think it, we can build it"