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    SPG Inc. - Special Projects Group Inc. offers a wide range of electrical engineering products design and development capabilities. We can satisfy your electrical circuit design needs with a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians with decades of experience in analog and digital electrical circuit design. Utilizing state of the art technologies, our staff can respond rapidly and efficiently to bring your product from concept to realization.

    SPG Inc.'s electrical engineering and circuit design team has worked on a variety of products. Consumer electronics, Telecom devices, Streaker cards, Testing products, computer peripherals and communications products are just a few of the many product categories in which we have extensive analog and digital electrical circuit design knowledge and experience.

    SPG Inc. - Special Projects Group Inc. has an extensive set of tools for electrical circuit design, simulation, and testing, including FPGA design. The combination of talented engineers and state of the art equipment, allows SPG Inc. - to deliver you a design optimized for functionality and manufacturability. Our skills include:

    These skills have been used in applications that include: Data transmission Gigabit Ethernet and 100 Base-T (IEEE 802?) Voice transmission SONET OC3 through OC48, and ANSI DS1/T1 and DS3/T3 Video transmission - MPEG DS1, DS3, 10/100 Base-T Streaker Automated Electrical Continuity Test Cards



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