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SPG800 Test Kit

Volume pricing starts under $5K

SPG800 Control Unit


The SPG800 Test Kit is an invaluable tool to verify and debug the complex and labor intensive wiring of multiplexer shelves to DSX cross connect distribution frames. For DS1, DS3, and LAN cables. It tests for correct connections and identifies shorts, opens, tip / ring reversals and miss-connected ports. The Test Kit consists of a hand-held control unit, a circuit card that plugs into a multiplexer shelf function unit slots, plus several patch cords, all in a light-weight carrying case.

This kit contains:

  • Multiplexer shelf test circuit pack
  • SPG800 handheld unit
  • AC Auxiliary Power Unit
  • Operations Manual
  • (1) BNC-BNC DS3 3-ft.cable
  • (1) BNC-LCP DS3 3-ft. cable
  • (1) Bantam-Bantam DS1 3-ft. cable
  • (1) RJ45 - RJ45 LAN Patch Cord
  • (1) DB9-DB9 connector cable for the RS232 port (6 feet)


The most frequent cause of wiring installation problems is the labor intensive and tedious job of making repeated metallic connections at the DSX. The SPG800 continuity test kit allows:

  • Rapid verification of DSX wiring.
  • Quick identification of faults.
  • Automated, one-person operation.


  • One test system for T1, T3, or 10/100 base LAN
  • Low price solution
  • Operates on –48V battery or house AC
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple operation
  • Hard-copy reports


SPG800 Control Unit

Physical Data:

  • 7.5”-long x 4”-wide x 1.25”-high
  • Weight of 12 ounces
  • Operation range:
    -5°C to +65°C

Interfaces (one each):

  • 75-ohm, BNC male
  • DS1 bantam
  • RJ45 modular jack
  • 9-pin, RS232 DB-9 male plug


  • Four AA alkaline batteries; up to 80-hours continuous use

Operator Controls:

  • On/Off switch
  • Two-row LCD display
  • Five tactile switches.


Test Pack


  • Back plane interface
  • Testing for up to 48 DS3s, 56 DS1s, or 24 LAN10/100 ports
  • Front panel “Aux PWR” auxiliary power input jack


  • -48V DC at less than 0.05 Amp from central office battery
  • Optional 120V AC DC adaptor.

Operator Controls:

  • Power
  • Active
  • Normal / Loop LED and toggle switch.


For further information see:

White Paper

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SPG800 DSX Test Kit